After announcing a new Virtual Reality development kit at the Game Developers’ Conference in early March, Acer and Microsoft sent us the brand-new headset: the “Acer Windows Mixed Reality Development Edition”.

The pitch?

Microsoft promises “Augmented Virtual Reality”.

An all-in-one headset opening the way to mixed reality, that is, to the chance to introduce virtual elements into the real world.


Two cameras placed on the headset help it to be oriented in space and to calculate its position without the need for external sensors.

A first – and something to fire our imagination at BackLight.


Freeroaming generally means you can go wherever you please, with no limits in terms of space or movement.

As applied to Virtual Reality, this means you can overcome the current constraints limiting you to experiences in enclosed areas and with movement sensors only with a limited range.

So we tested out the new headset designed by Acer and Windows… on the Champ de Mars in Paris, with our cult reference game: Birdy King Land.

And so, equipped with an Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset connected to a MSI Gaming VR ONE, passers-by were able to see the famous Parisian square in the Birdy colours.