Extract from the article on Forbes’ website:

“A different approach is being taken by BackLight, a VR studio based in Paris. They’ve rolled out a unique, long-form VR experience, Eclipse, that casts users as rescuers of a spaceship (why does everything take place in space?) that has lost power and is about to be pulled into a sun. We discover the crew is dead and must explore the ship to unravel the puzzle and reactive the ship before we are sucked into the deadly fireball. Wearing a backpack PC, four users are free to roam the ship, but are forced to cooperate with the other people in the simulation. “Contrary to most VR experiences, we’ve chosen to develop something different than a shooting game. Eclipse is a four-player sci-fi experience, enhanced by physical effects, full body awareness and total freedom of movement. Players discover two spaceships during their adventure, without teleporting once. Our idea was to take advantage of the hardware while offering an interesting solution for LBVR in terms of value for money.”
Said Frédéric Lecompte, co-founder of BackLight. The Eclipse experience can be found in two locations in Paris, France. Other European locations will be announced shortly.”

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