The Eclipse project

Virtual Adventure is a new entertainment centre at Carré Sénart near Paris, providing entertainment of a new kind, in virtual reality and to be enjoyed with your family, friends or colleagues.

Eclipse is the name of the first 4D virtual reality game in France, the fruit of a partnership between Virtual Adventure and BackLight.

The brief / the challenge

1/ To write a scenario for a multi-player virtual reality game with interactive elements and clues to be found.

2/ To take technical issues into account so that players could make their way through the virtual reality experience on their own without the need for a gamemaster to play a major role.

3/ To help players forget they are wearing a headset and prevent any problems of motion sickness.

The BackLight answer

“On board ECLIPSE II, you and your crew are sent on a mission to save the crew from the previous ECLIPSE I mission.

Making a success of the mission will involve tough decisions, requiring you to fight, protect yourself and sacrifice one of your crew – these are the issues you will face during your virtual adventure.” A range of endings will be available in the future and players can also play the game again with a different crew.

Technically, BackLight designed a complete range of equipment, but without the need for players to move around:

HTC Vive, MSI Backpacks, hand controllers and feet sensors. Users are free to move around and their bodies can be fully represented by an avatar.

A vibration system, elevators and fluid graphic effects and transitions – the haptic relay provides users with a fuller sensation of immersion.


At Virtual Adventure in Carré Sénart

& at The Escape Lab‘ in Paris 2nd arrondissement.





October 2017

Virtual Adventure


Jonathan Astruc & M

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