The Renault Pitstop VR project

This multi-player game takes users on a journey into the heart of the pit-stop area of the Renault Sport racing stable, with a 4-player team changing the tyres on a Formula 1 car during a Grand Prix. The aim is to do it in record time and help the team to victory!

The brief / the challenge

We Are Social got in touch with us to develop this experience as part of its « Enter the Zone » campaign to support the Renault team all through the 2017 Formula 1 season. The activation experience aims to be social, innovative and attractive.

The BackLight response

The concept was developed with the agency and resulted in this multiplayer project for up to 4 players in the same HTC VIVE tracking area.

+ The BackLight plus: We added the BackLight touch with results close to photorealism, while handling the issues of Virtual Reality in terms of optimising performance.

For greater realism, we opted for:

– scans of the pit-stop crew race suits

– motion capture for the animation.

The overall solution was broadcast on MSI VR-ONE backpacks to provide total freedom of movement, and the HTC VIVE technology for reliable and easy set up. Ideal for a roadshow of this size.

Roll out

The project was rolled out all over the world at all the Formula 1 Grand Prix races in 2017.





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Marched 2017

Renault Sport

We are social


Aymeric Favre

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