🛫 We traveled the world showing our creations or talking in conferences.
🥇 We’ve been invited at SXSW & SIGGRAPH to showcase Eclipse, a pure entertainment creation!

🎢 We kept on developing our LBVR portfolio
We released Toyland in early 2019, then Ice Cube Protocol 10 months later, and announced in the timeframe OZ Immersive, our hyper reality turnkey solution for Eclipse (and our future creation) …still creating tailor made experiences for brands (10 VR & 5 AR). Talking about advertising, we saw more VR campaigns renewed, some for the 3rd time !

🏆 Last but not least, we saw our creations rewarded in numerous festivals and countries (sorry we lost the count 😉)

🙏 On behalf of the whole BackLight team, I’d like to thanks our partners / suppliers / clients / visitors / friends / families! 💓

Can’t wait to embrace 2020 to its fullest!