Discover OZ Experience,

our hyper reality experiences catalog.

OZ EXPERIENCE brings you the best of VR dedicated to LBE.

OZ experiences and installations are designed to provide the best of immersive entertainment, blurring the frontier between virtual and real.

Forget about shooting zombies and low-quality games.
Be ready to experience the future.

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Make Virtual the New Real


Opening large horizons


Make your visitors experience the future


VR is going mainstream and entertainment is spearheading it.
Our catalog reflects all of BackLight’s know-how in terms of immersion.
Our artistic ambitions, our will to push the boundaries of immersion but also our vision of what good VR entertainment is :
unencumbered, sensory, social “story-living” experience.

VR is not just a game but an experience, an experience that makes a mark.
Nothing is more powerful than Hyper Reality to achieve this.
This is our motivation, our goal to engage your audience.
An audience who looks at you after a game session and says “So this is VR”