The Point P project

Promotional and sale of goods support used by both Point P & Cedeo. What could be more effective than an immersive home customisation experience to show a facing range? Therefore, the visitors experienced this project immersed in a model house where they could modify walls’ facing, the ground as well as the bathroom’s and living room’s furniture.

The brief / the challenge

Propose this innovative tool for trade shows (Batimat and Novibat), then as a point of sale activity. Developing this project, at that time on Oculus DK2, and making it accessible with simple interactions to the visitors, mainly seniors and non-gamers, was the challenge.

The BackLight response

As its first project using Unreal Engine, BackLight used the Oculus Rift DK2 with a Leap Motion to integrate the user’s hands within the experience which made interactions intuitive. This was done several months before Unreal Engine officially integrated the Leap Motion technology. Some C++ lines of code and cups of coffee later, we had a project close to photorealism, as early as 2015. Then, this very project found a second life with the HTC VIVE.


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Point P


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