During the lockdown, and in order to help you preparing the reopening of your venue, we launched the ECLIPSE New Release.
This new version of ECLIPSE includes new setups but also pay per play.
Already 70 venues downloaded it! Here’s your last chance to get your 100 first free players too.

Best VR everywhere

ECLIPSE is our first free-rooming VR experience, the most awarded Location Based Virtual Reality Entertainement, and after more than 3 years running all over the world in its original version, we were looking for making it simpler and simpler.

At first ECLIPSE:
– is a roomscale VR experience created to be played in 2 separated rooms.
– is a Hyper Reality experience including floor vibrations.
– is an untethered experience using wireless headsets or backpack computers.
– uses full body awareness thanks to trackers on players’ backs and feet.

NOW, ECLIPSE fits to your venue, proposing:
– to be played in 3 room set ups
– to be played without haptics
– to be played in pods using wired headsets
& to be played only with controllers.

Create an account and download the game

500$ free credit. Ends July 8th

More than being evolutive & successful, ECLIPSE is social and perfect for families, friends or team buildings.
ECLIPSE has also a simple & complete game master interface and now includes pay per play: you only pay fees based on usage
(5$ per player, with a suggested price between 29 and 36$ for players).

If you want to try it without any subscription fee nor commitment, here’s your last chance to have your 100 first free game credits in bonus.

Our 100-free-players offer will end on July 8th. Of course, after that date, you will be able to download the game for free, but you will switch to a pay per play plan without taking advantage of free game credits.